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Is Your Janitorial Service Reducing Absenteeism in Your Office?

New Commercial Cleaning Technology produces healthier offices at affordable prices.

We’ve come a long way in understanding how infectious diseases are transmitted from one person to another.  While much of the research has been done in hospitals, the principles of infection control can be applied to day care centers, schools, restaurants, offices and other types of businesses.   The emergence of life threatening antibiotic resistant germs has placed an increased emphasis on infection prevention.   Research has shown that the use of modern cleaning and disinfection techniques can play a big role in preventing the spread of contagious diseases. 

Our Janitorial Services offer the next generation of cleaning: 

Electrostatic Spray Disinfection

Earth safe protexus germ removal pic.jpg

• 3x more surface coverage
• Fastest & easiest way to disinfect facilities
with more consistent application
• Touchless electrostatic delivery of PURTABS
• Advanced battery technology – 4 hours
continuous run time
• Portable and Cordless
• Easy for staff to use

As your Commercial cleaning company, we can keep your office healthier by providing present-day cleaning and disinfection services.

• EPA registered sanitizer &
disinfectant tablets that readily dissolve in water
• Safer for humans, materials and the environment
• Eliminates and controls odors
• Stable once diluted, and keeps potency and
effectiveness for 7 days
• Cost effective and sustainable
• D2 Certified Food Contact Surface Safe
Sanitizer at 100

Watch How It Works!

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