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Are you Paying Too Much for Janitorial Services?

If you haven’t had a quote in 3 years you might be.

You hired a janitorial service years ago and haven’t thought much about changing companies because they’ve done a pretty good job. Or, you’re not totally satisfied with the cleaning service, but you don’t want the hassle of looking for another company. So, you’ve put it on the back burner and haven’t called another cleaning service yet. But, by putting it off, you may be hurting more than the image of your business. You’re probably hurting its bottom line as well.

When was the Last Time You Got a Quote on Janitorial Services?

Most businesses get several quotes before hiring a janitorial service. That way you can be sure you’re not overpaying for the service. Over the years, the cleaning company may or may not have raised your price. But, how do you know if the price you’re paying is competitive? Have prices in the janitorial industry gone up or down since you hired the company?

Why Janitorial Prices may be Lower Now

Technological advancements have lowered janitorial costs in recent years. Automated cleaning systems and other technology changes are reducing labor costs. Since labor costs are the single largest expense in the janitorial industry, this can result in big savings.

An example is the auto mop, which is 4 times faster than manual string mop and bucket systems. Another example is the use of remote timekeeping systems to monitor the cleaning crew’s work hours. These and many other technology changes are reducing costs that can be passed on to you.

When Was The Last Time Your Cleaning Company Lowered Their Price?

I’m sure the answer is never. After all, what company would lower its price if you haven’t asked them to? Maybe your cleaning company isn’t using string mops anymore. Maybe they’ve changed over to newer technology. And, maybe they’ve found other ways to lower labor costs. But, have they passed on those savings to you? Maybe you’re getting a good price now, but how would you know?

How Often Should You Get a New Quote?

Many businesses do a price check on their vendors every 3 years. That’s a reasonable period of time to see if industry prices are on the rise or decline. After all, what have you got to lose?

Make Sure the Quote You Get is For Comparable Service:

Any cleaning company can come in and say they’re going to do a great job at a lower price than you’re currently paying. That’s easy. So, how can you tell if the company is for real? One way is to do a cleaning equipment comparison (Ace can do this for you at no cost). Remember, you’re saving money because of technological improvements that have taken place over the last few years. So, what technology will the new company be using to lower costs and get better results? They should be able to show you the type of equipment and technology they’ll be using.

Let’s work together and improve your bottom line. Call Ace for a free demo and price check today at 954-756-2588.

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