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Removing and Minimizing Dust Properly Is Key To Clean and Healthy Indoor Air.

Outdated cleaning technologies, such as rags and dusters, remove limited amounts of dust and spread it from one surface to another. Ace’s dust extraction methods removes up to ten times the amount of dust compared to traditional cleaning methods.  Our techniques focus on desks, vents, computers, baseboards etc., providing cleaner indoor air quality.   

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Dust build up on air vents, desks, personal areas, and all surfaces are caused by poor cleaning techniques.

Ace's Modern Dusting Techniques provide businesses with clean and healthier air.

Duster Sheets

Medium and Low surfaces should be dusted with 3M's Easy Trap patented technology.  Their material removes up to 8 x the amount of dust than traditional dusting materials. 

Hepa Vacuums

Our cleaners are outfitted with high efficiency particulate air vacuums.  We utilize different tools and attachments to remove a maximum amount of allergens from your facility.

Microfiber Products

Microfiber removes more dust  than traditional cotton cloths.  Microfiber can be used wet or dry.  When a surface requires disinfection, damp wiping with microfiber is the preferred method.

Watch The Difference!

The Truth About Dust:

Dust inside your workplace is not only harmful, but can be detrimental to your businesses operations and image.  Dust has the ability to cause eye irritations, increase the length of the common cold and trigger allergies.  Your employees and customers are breathing in the air that your company is providing.  

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