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Professional Office Cleaning Service

Serving South Florida 15 Years
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Our cleanliness is our #1 priority to our employees and Ace always delivers.

-Amanda Chacon, Office Manager, Steel Fabricators

Cleaning Services for offices and local businesses

We provide a wide range of commercial office cleaning services to businesses in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton.  Our management’s commitment over the last 12 years has earned us the distinction of being a top rated commercial cleaning service in Broward and Palm Beach County. 

Experience the Ace Cleaning Systems Difference

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Are you responsible for hiring and managing the cleaning company?  Are you ready to put this on automatic so you can focus on more important tasks?  Your businesses image, efficiency and health of everyone inside can be just one click away by using our commercial cleaning app.  This technology is paving the way for faster service requests, improved communication and will help your company's bottom line.

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Our Goals Are Simple
  • to provide a superior office cleaning service to maintain the image of your business and reduce absenteeism;

  • to relieve you of any responsibility related to cleaning;

  • to be responsive to your needs by providing unparalleled customer service; 

  • to control your janitorial costs by staying with your budget. 

Quality Control In One Click

We Provide Better Office Cleaning Services for 3 reasons.



Ace utilizes advances in cleaning technology and adheres to industry best practices to produce superior results at affordable prices.  


Privately Owned

We do not subcontract out our work.  We provide our own highly trained cleaning technicians and supervise their work directly so you don’t have to.



Our green cleaning practices and infection control procedures provide a safe and healthy environment for your business.

Tips on what to look for when hiring a professional cleaning company.

It's time for a Healthier Office...

Proper Cleaning and Disinfection Can Reduce Employee Absenteeism

Employee absenteeism due to illnesses such as the flu and common cold can hurt your company’s productivity.  Many of these illnesses spread throughout the office by something called indirect contact.  A person can pick up a virus by touching a surface that wasn’t cleaned and disinfected properly.  Door handles, kitchen counters, desks, etc. must be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly to prevent the spread of infection throughout your office. 

Ace’s Infection Control
Program For Offices
  • Clean all high touch surfaces thoroughly using microfiber products to mechanically remove as much soil and germs as possible;

  • EPA registered hospital grade disinfectants to effectively kill as many germs as possible;

  • Color coded towel system prevents cross contamination;

  • Soiled towels are laundered according to CDC hospital guidelines for proper disinfection;

  • Thoroughly disinfect all high touch surfaces, e.g. desks, door handles, etc. with hospital grade, EPA registered disinfectants

Recognized Leader in the Cleaning Industry

Ace has Been Featured On Prominent Industry Websites:
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Wouldn't it be great to provide a cleaner and healthier office for your employees and at the same time protect the investment you’ve made in leasehold improvements?    Routine janitorial maintenance can go a long way in improving your office’s appearance.  However, there comes a time when specialty services such as carpet cleaning and deep restroom cleaning are required to restore their appearance completely.  By providing a full range of specialty services at discounted rates, Ace can be your one stop shop for additional specialty services when needed.  Many of these services can prolong the lifespan of expensive leasehold improvements, such as carpeting and VCT floors and improve your bottom line. Find out how our specialty services can reduce your costs and restore the appearance of your office at the same time.

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