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How To Choose A Commercial Cleaning Company

How To Choose A Commercial Cleaning Company

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Privately owned companies, contracting companies and janitorial franchises can all provide affordable janitorial services But, whether or not they provide a quality service depends on these 4 factors:

1. Cleaning times.  The number of hours spent cleaning determines quality.  Franchises and contracting companies don’t use their own employees and have no way of knowing or controlling how many hours are actually spent cleaning.  Privately owned companies hire their own employees and can monitor their hours to make sure they are spending sufficient time cleaning.

2. Standardized equipment and supplies.  Franchises and subcontracting companies have no way of knowing or controlling the type of equipment and supplies that are being used because they aren’t providing the service themselves.  They leave that up to the franchisee or subcontractor that accepts the job.  Privately owned companies purchase their own equipment and supplies and have direct control over what their employees are using to clean your facility.  

3. W2 employees.  Privately owned companies hire and train their own W2 employees to perform the work.  They can perform background checks and get references on the employees they hire.  Franchises and subcontracting companies do not hire their own employees and have no control over who is hired to clean your facility. 

4. Quality control.  Privately owned companies supervise and inspect their own employees work.  They can monitor their own staff to make sure they are complying with the company’s cleaning practices.  Franchises and subcontractors have little control over the quality of work performed by the cleaning crews because they can’t supervise or monitor the cleaning crews themselves.

Hiring a new a cleaning company can be a daunting task.  Find out which company is right for your business.  Ask these simple questions to ensure you hire the best commercial cleaning company for your facility.

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Who do you want cleaning your facility?

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