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Specialty Cleaning services

Commercial Specialty Cleaning to keep your facility like new

Do your floors look dirty after they've been mopped?  Are your restrooms being cleaned to your satisfaction?  Do you have a lot of dust in your facility?  Poor cleaning and best maintenance practices are typically the reasons your experiencing this.  Shiny floors, odorless bathrooms and dust free facilities can be achieved by having specialty cleaning services included in your janitorial service.  We train and equip our staff with the latest cleaning technology to give your company the appearance and healthy environment it deserves.

Improve your indoor air quality with our Commercial Dust Removal services. 

Dust inside your workplace is unavoidable.  However, indoor dust can be minimized through a variety of commercial dusting techniques to ensure the air inside your facility is clean and healthy.  Our approach to removing and minimizing dust combines technology and experience to provide your company with cleaner air for your employees and customers.

Improve the appearance and increase the lifespan of your floors with our Commercial Hard Floor Care Services.

Hard floors in commercial facilities require preventative and restorative cleaning procedures.  Without proper daily, weekly and monthly floor cleaning services facilities quickly see the deterioration of one of their biggest investments.  Shiny floors start with hiring a company that knows how to keep them looking like new.

Additional Specialty Services included with our janitorial services.

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Windows are always your company's first impression.  Dirty windows can hurt employee morale and can turn away potential customers.  Our janitorial services include a wide variety of window cleaning options to make sure your first impression always looks its best.

Window Cleaning
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Blinds are difficult to clean and are often forgotten about.  When they go uncleaned for extended periods of time they become a trap for dust and airborne particles.  Our office cleaning services include blind cleaning to ensure your office stays healthy and clean.

Blind Cleaning
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As in any workplace, time and usage takes its toll on upholstery.   Accidents happen.  Janitorial companies should be providing your facility with spot stain removal included with their services. We offer a variety of upholstery cleaning services from chairs to cubicles to keep them looking like new.

Upholstery Cleaning

We provide our janitorial clients with the

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The Benefits of a

Healthier Janitors Closet:

Have you ever wondered how you caught a cold from someone else in the office without coming in close contract with them?  This can happen by the transmission of germs through indirect contact.  For example:  A person with a virus enters your office.  The viral particles that are present on his/her hands are transferred to high touch areas, such as a door handle or refrigerator door.  When you touch the infected surface, the viral particles are transferred to your hands making you susceptible to the same illness.  


There are several ways to reduce the transmission of common illnesses in the workplace.  One is by repeated hand washing throughout the day. Another is by removing the germs that are present on high touch areas throughout the office.  This can be done by a professional cleaning company like Ace that uses hygienic cleaning principles and hospital grade disinfectants to thoroughly clean and disinfect your office.  

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