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Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning services 

Safety, cleanliness and the appearance of your commercial hard floors are in the hands of your janitorial company. Facilities and offices that have hard floors require preventive and restorative cleaning procedures to preserve one of your company's biggest investments.  Improper cleaning of commercial flooring is a leading cause of slip and fall accidents in the workplace.  Our certified floor technicians are equipped and trained to provide your business with floor cleaning procedures that adhere to OSHA guidelines and NFSI standards.  Ace's floor cleaning services are focused on keeping floors safer, cleaner and healthier for your employees and clients.

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Ace's experience and certifications provide businesses with reliable and trusted floor cleaning services.


Vinyl composition tile is a commonly found flooring found in commercial settings.  VCT is highly durable and resistant to wear and tear if cared for properly.  Our VCT floor cleaning services include interim and restorative programs to keep your floors shiny and safer.

Tile and Grout

Tile such as porcelain and ceramic require periodic deep cleaning services to keep them looking like new.  Using the right chemistry and pressure will help preserve your tile.  Our tile and grout cleaning services remove maximum amount of soil. 

Natural Stone

Natural stone flooring is both beautiful and highly durable.  Using proper daily cleaning procedures is essential for natural stone preservation.  Restoring natural stone is expensive and can be avoided if you hire a janitorial company that has the right experience and knowledge.

The Dirty Truth About Floors:

Most Janitorial companies are still using the outdated mop and bucket system.  Using outdated floor cleaning methods do more harm than good.   After years of improper floor cleaning procedures facilities start to see the damage after it is too late.  Here's how it works:  A string mop is dipped into a bucket containing cleaning solution.  The mop head becomes soiled when the solution is spread onto the floor. The soiled mop is dipped back into the contaminated bucket and the dirty solution gets re-applied to the floor.  Instead of removing soil, the string mop spreads it around leaving the floors almost as dirty as they were when you began mopping.  This process is not only detrimental to the floors, but can leave floors slippery and can increase the chances for a slip and fall accident.  Contrast this to the no dip, bucket less system: Cleaning solution is applied to the floor directly from a separate dispenser. The mop head is never dipped into the cleaning solution. The cleaning solution never becomes contaminated. When this system is used, you are actually removing the dirt and not spreading it around which provides your company with cleaner and safer floors.

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