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Commercial Restroom Cleaning Service

Restroom cleaning services for commercial facilities 

Restroom odors are usually caused by improper, outdated and harmful cleaning methods.  Many companies use string mops that spread debris and dirt across restroom floors.  Janitorial companies that do not use a color coded microfiber system put your staff and customers at risk for cross contamination.  Our commercial restroom cleaning services provide businesses of all sizes with a healthier and more modern approach to maintaining cleaner restrooms.  By using new technology and best cleaning practices our services are setting new industry standards and shaping the way to cleaner and healthier indoor environments for everyone. 

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Benefits of Ace's Restroom Cleaning Services

No Odors

Floor drains, walls, partitions, toilets and ventilation can all contribute to foul odors.  These areas need to be cleaned properly in order to maintain an odorless bathroom.  Ace uses microfiber flat mops and "no touch" deep cleaning techniques that leaves restrooms clean and fresh. 

Germ Free

Would you want your cleaning company to use the same cloth to clean the bathroom and your desk?  Using the same cloth for different purposes encourages the spread of germs(know as cross contamination) throughout a facility.  To prevent the spread of germs and to provide you with the best cleaning results possible, Ace utilizes a color-coded mop and cloth system.

Boost Morale

Employees percieve how they are valued at work by the environment your company provides them.  Employee morale is critical for any businesses to be successful.  Maintaining healthy and sanitraty restrooms can be achieved with proper restroom cleaning procedures.

The Truth about restrooms in the workplace

  Building service contractors often overlook what they are contracted to do: Create and maintain cleaner and healthier environments at affordable prices for their clients.  New technology and best cleaning practices should be provided to all buildings and offices from their janitorial company.  Sick days, employee morale and customer can all be impacted if you haven't hired the right commercial cleaning company.  Ace offers free, onsite consultations to help you determine if your cleaning service is providing your company with the level of clean it deserves.    

Proper Restroom Disinfection is Critical to a clean and healthy workplace

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