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Our Janitorial Service Comes With The Best Commercial Cleaning Software

How much time are you spending managing your cleaning company?

Days are gone when a commercial cleaning company could bring in a mop and log book to your business and provide a quality janitorial cleaning service.  Your responsibility of hiring and managing the cleaning company is one that could be put on automatic and forgotten about.  Your businesses image, efficiency and health of everyone inside can be just one click away by using our commercial cleaning app.  This technology is paving the way for faster service requests, improved communication and efficiencies in Human Relations in the workplace.

A Cleaning App and how it benefits your company.

Better Service

Our mobile technology allows you to easily communicate service requests.  Our cleaning crews are alerted about your request when they enter your facility.  Requests get handled in a timely and efficient manner, improving your service.   

Saves You Time

How often are you asked to call the cleaning company on behalf an employee to get something done? With our mobile technology, your employees can communicate service requests directly to us. You’ll never waste time calling or emailing us
Increase Your Profits 
By delegating the responsibility of managing the cleaning company, you can spend time on more important tasks for your company.  Your staff can be more productive when they don’t have to waste time trying to contact the cleaning company.  All of this translates into improving your bottom line.  

You want a cleaning company that will make your job easier and keep your facility cleaner.  

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