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Commercial Cleaning Equipment

What Should Be In Your Janitor's Closet

Janitorial Companies are only as good as the commercial cleaning equipment they use...

Do your floors still look dirty after your cleaning service was just there?  Is there an offensive smell in your restrooms that the cleaning service can't get rid of?  Have you found that after complaining to the cleaning company you still aren't getting the results you want?  In South Florida all janitorial companies are recruiting employees from the same talent pool.  The quality of a cleaning service is directly associated with the commercial cleaning equipment that is provided to their staff to clean your facility.  Many cleaning companies are using outdated cleaning equipment and supplies that produce poor cleaning results. Ace's best practice cleaning methods utilize state of the art equipment to provide your facility with healthier and superior cleaning results at affordable prices. 

Refer to the chart Whats in Your Janitor's Closet to read more about the benefits of Ace's Commercial Cleaning Equipment:

EPA Registered Chemicals:

Do you know the type of disinfectant your cleaning company is using?  Are they using a standard cleaner or hospital grade disinfectant?  Is the disinfectant capable of killing the types of microorganisms that are responsible for common illnesses that occur in many office?  "Hospital Grade" disinfectants are EPA approved chemicals that have been tested for their safety and ability to kill certain types of microorganisms.  Professional cleaning companies such as Ace, Utilize these types of disinfectants to reduce the level of pathogenic microorganisms present on high touch areas in the facilities they clean. Hospital grade disinfectants must be applied in the correct manner and concentration in order to be effective.  Ace trains our cleaning technicians in the proper use of these cleaning agents to endure you receive the highest level of disinfection possible.  

Bucket-less Flat Mop Systems:

If your company is using a mop and bucket system, you’re probably not happy with the way your floors are looking.  Here’s how a mop and bucket system works:  A string mop is dipped into a bucket containing cleaning solution.  The mop head becomes soiled when the solution is spread onto the floor. The soiled mop is dipped back into the contaminated bucket and the dirty solution gets re-applied to the floor.  Instead of removing soil, the string mop spreads it around leaving the floors almost as dirty as they were when you began mopping.  Contrast this to the no dip, bucket less system:

Cleaning solution is applied to the floor directly from a separate dispenser. The mophead is never dipped into the cleaning solution. The cleaning solution never becomes contaminated. When this system is used, you are actually removing the dirt and not spreading it around.  So, if your floors still look dirty after they have been cleaned, check to see if your cleaning company is still using an outdated mop and bucket system!

HEPA Certified Vacuums:

Many vacuums are effective at removing the visible dirt is present in your carpets.  However, it's the smaller dust particles that you can't see and isn't being removed that can be responsible for the poor indoor air quality and common allergies in your facility. So, how do you know if your cleaning company's vacuums are removing the tiny dust particles in your carpets that contain allergens?  Only vacuums that use HEPA filters can remove the smaller rust particles that are capable of causing allergies.  According to the US government, a vacuum's filter must remove 99.97% of the particles that are .3 microns in diameter or larger to be considered a HEPA filter.  Ace's commercial vacuums with HEPA filters have been certified by the carpet and rug institute(CRI) and given their seal of approval.  You can refer to the CRI website to see if your company is using a  vacuum that has been HEPA certified.  So, if you  want a cleaner and healthier workplace, call Ace today to find out more about our commercial grade HEPA vacuums!

 Microfiber Towels:

janitor closet infographic png.png

Did you ever notice that your desk is still dusty the morning after the cleaning service was there?  If the answer to this questions is yes, you probably thought that the cleaning staff forgot to dust your desk or just didn't do a good job.  While this may be true, there could be another reason your desk is not looking as clean as it should.  Many companies use outdated cotton cloths or paper towels to dust and clean.  These products are made of large strands of non-absorbent material that are ineffective at trapping and removing dust and germs.  In contrast to this, microfiber towel's tiny fibers(1/100th the diameter of human hair) attach to and remove 99% of the dust and germs that accumulate on desk surfaces and floors.  So, if you want cleaner desktops and floors, make sure your cleaning company is using microfiber products!