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Commercial Cleaning Pompano Beach 

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Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services In Pompano Beach 

Ace has been providing high quality commercial cleaning and janitorial services to businesses in Pompano Beach FL for the past twelve years. Your image is important, but so is providing a healthy and sanitary environment for your patients, customers and employees.  Our cleaning processes adhere to the cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection best practices recommended by the EPA, CDC and OSHA.  We utilize high efficiency equipment to provide you with affordably priced, professional cleaning services.  

Our cleanliness is our #1 priority to our employees and Ace always delivers.

-Amanda Chacon, Office Manager, Steel Fabricators

Electrostatic spray disinfection is a highly effective method of applying an EPA-registered disinfectant to surfaces and objects over large areas. The disinfectant is sprayed on electrostatically, causing it to cling and wrap around the surface or object, providing a more thorough and effective disinfection. Electrostatic spray disinfection is the industry standard being used by hospitals, schools, major corporations and the government to ensure public safety and keep businesses open.  Ace uses state of the art electrostatic spray units and has been trained and certified in the application of electrostatic spray disinfection for all types of facilities. 

FAQ'S On Electrostatic Spray Disinfection

Our Sanitizing & Disinfecting Services Include Enhanced Quality Control: 

Hygenia's ATP Cleaning Verification System

We verify our cleaning and  disinfection results with an ATP meter; a quantitative measurement of surface bio-contaminants.  While ATP can detect and quantify organic  matter on surfaces, it can’t test for the presence of specific bacteria or viruses  (there are no commercially available tests that can detect specific  viruses).  However, ATP meters have been  used for years to verify the sanitization level in hospitals, restaurants and  schools.

EPA Approved Disinfectants

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FAQ's On ATP Testing - Disinfecting Serv

We Provide Daily, Weekly or Monthly Janitorial Services 

Every facility in Pompano Beach FL has different needs based on the type of business, the number of employees, foot traffic in the facility and various other factors.  We will work with you to develop a customized cleaning program to fit your facilities needs and budget.  

When Someone walks into your office you shouldn't be worried about how it looks.  We're responsible for first impressions.  That's our job.  And, we take great pride in it.

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Religious Institutions need experience and flexibility from there cleaning companies.  Classrooms, events and social halls need everything from proper disinfection to carpet cleaning.  We have you covered.

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Keeping tennants and their clients happy  can be a burden for facility managers. Our technology takes facility management off your shoulders and puts it in your hand with just a click.

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Industrial facilities require standardized cleaning processes to ensure safety and cleanliness.  Dust, foot traffic and the unique nature of manufacturing facilities need to be cleaned by a professional janitorial company.

Have you hired a professional janitorial company that uses cleaning and disinfection procedures for medical facilities?  We hold ourselves to the highest standard when we are cleaning your medical office.

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Clean showroom floors sell more cars.  Customers want to walk into clean bathrooms while they visit your car dealership.  Having day porter cleaning during business hours is key to maintaining a clean dealership.


In addition to our professional office cleaning services we offer specialty cleaning services to a wide variety of businesses in Pompano Beach and nearby cities.  Regular vacuuming, dusting and mopping may be sufficient to maintain the condition of your facility on a day to day basis. Periodically, your facility may require special services, such as high dusting, carpet cleaning, deep restroom cleaning or strip and wax procedures.  We keep businesses looking like new.

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