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Car Dealership Cleaning

Serving South Florida 12 Years
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Clients We Serve:

“If you are looking for a cleaning company then Ace Cleaning is your company! The owner Zachary visits the location frequently and always follows up to be sure we are happy with their service. The cleaning crew and the supervisor Daniel are very friendly and professional; always in uniform. The results are also amazing; I can tell the difference since they started cleaning our Toyota dealership.

Commercial Auto Dealership Cleaning

We know how important a clean showroom is to your business.  Your customer’s attention should be on shiny cars, not dull showroom floors. If you’re not happy with the way your floors look, your cleaning company may be using ineffective, outdated cleaning techniques. 

Your Showroom Floors Need to Shine Also

New Cleaning Technology Keeps Floors Shining And Lowers Costs

Many janitorial companies use string mops and buckets to clean showroom floors.  This outdated system is tedious and can’t clean effectively because it spreads dirt around instead of removing it.  The auto-mop system we use loosens and suctions up dirt from your floors in a single pass. This efficient technology produces better results and controls costs at the same time.

When your car dealership needs that extra touch Ace can provide you with a variety of specialty services to keep your facility clean and healthier.

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Ace’s Innovative Floor Cleaning Techniques Recognized By Major Equipment Manufacturer 

Ace was featured on a major equipment manufacturer’s website for its innovative use of their floor cleaning technology in car dealerships. Ace has been using the mopping system in several dealerships with excellent results. We can provide a free demo and show you why car dealerships in Fort Lauderdale are choosing Ace as their janitorial company!

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Recognized Leader in the Cleaning Industry

Ace has Been Featured On Prominent Industry Websites:
Zach Shor Janitor Extraordinaire
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