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7 Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service

Office manager happy with their commercial cleaning service

For many people the office is their home away from home. But is your office getting treating with the same degree of respect? If you've got a lot on your agenda, hiring a commercial cleaning service comes with many benefits.

Your responsibilities as a business owner or manager are always growing. Delegating those responsibilities becomes an increasing priority. You're willing to give a colleague the reigns on an important initiative. But to whom are you giving the reigns on cleaning and maintaining your office space?

You're responsible for the well being of your employees, too. Cleaner offices result in fewer sick days. Recent findings show that a clean workplace is more productive. What's more, commercial cleaning services add a lot of benefits from cost savings. Most business owners who hire a professional cleaning service find peace of mind as well. There are obvious social and health benefits of keeping your workplace clean. But it can also contribute to the wellness of your business

The 7 Benefits Of Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Service

for Your Business

The following seven benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning service outlined below can show what outsourcing your cleaning can do for you and your staff. You'll also learn how a clean office can help your bottom line.

1) Reduced Employee Absenteeism:

One of the top reasons employees miss work is sick days. If your offices are not being cleaned properly, there is a greater chance of spreading germs around from one person to another.

How Colds and Flu are Spread:

We all know that colds and flu are contagious. They can spread when someone sneezes or coughs in your vicinity. But, germs can also be picked up when someone touches a surface or object that hasn’t been cleaned or disinfected properly. Germs can survive for days on inanimate objects. With the right cleaning techniques your commercial cleaning company can reduce employee absenteeism. If someone comes into the office with a cold or flu and touches a surface or object, he or she is spreading his germs around unknowingly.

So, how can you stop the spread of germs and reduce absenteeism? By hiring a professional cleaning company that can thoroughly and routinely disinfect your office.

2) Commercial Cleaning Services Frees Up Your Time

You're not the "Chief Cleaning Officer" of your company. Why are you spending so much of your time on this responsibility? You may not be supervising office cleaning directly. But someone in your office is. And, they probably could be spending their time on other tasks that are more valuable to the company. If you have had a bad experience in the past you may want to think about using a free service like They pre-qualify janitorial services and commercial cleaning companies for you. This will help your company find and hire a commercial cleaning service that can deliver the services you need for your office or facility.

3) Protect Valuable Assets and Save Money by Hiring a Cleaning Company:

Dirt and dust can harm more than your employees health. Your office is filled with valuable assets that are susceptible to damage in a dusty and dirty environment. And, if you’re responsible for leasehold improvements, poor cleaning practices can cost you more in the long run.

On average, computer downtime is responsible for the loss of 3.6% of business' annual revenue. One of the top reasons is dirt and dust. You may have invested a lot in your computer system and other high tech equipment. By outsourcing your cleaning services you’re protecting that investment.

If you’re not outsourcing your cleaning, make sure your staff is using the right types of vacuums and floor cleaning equipment. If your floors aren’t being cared for properly you’ll find yourself replacing them more frequently.

The cost of using your own staff to clean may be more expensive than you think!

4) You Won’t Have to Worry About OSHA Compliance and other Liability Issues Related to Cleaning.

You can probably purchase the same type of equipment and supplies a professional cleaning company uses. If you do that, make sure your staff knows what type of chemicals to use for different cleaning tasks. And, make sure they understand OSHA regulations and how to safely operate and use the equipment and cleaning supplies you’ve purchased. When you keep the cleaning in-house, you are responsible for not only OSHA compliance, but the health and safety of the occupants in your building. Do you really want that responsibility?

5) Commercial Cleaning Services Bring the Best Skills and Technology

Just like in any industry, technologies in the cleaning services industry are always evolving. If you aren’t using the proper equipment or supplies, you’ll end up spreading dirt and dust around from one area to another.

Commercial cleaners have the right equipment and techniques to remove dust and dirt from areas you can’t access yourself. This includes reaching air vents, cleaning within crevices, and removing germs more thoroughly. A professional janitorial service can improve your indoor air quality with the right equipment. Using inexpensive or outdated cleaning equipment takes more time to use, which increases your janitorial costs. Commercial cleaning companies can save you money by bringing in the most modern equipment available and get the job done faster.

6) You’ll Get a More Thorough Cleaning when you Hire a Professional Company to Clean at Night after Everyone has Left the Building.

There are many cleaning tasks that cannot be performed properly during the day when the building is occupied. If you plan on hiring someone to clean during the day, you will also need someone to clean after hours to get the results you want.

Some of the cleaning tasks that cannot be performed properly during the day include:

  • Dusting and disinfection of personal areas

  • Trash can never be emptied completely, leading to odors and infestations

  • Can’t mop or vacuum thoroughly

  • Can’t use certain types of equipment, such as vacuums, that make noise

  • Bathrooms can’t be cleaned and disinfected deeply enough, creating unwanted odors and unhealthy conditions

7) Provide Your Customers with A Welcoming Professional Environment

Your client is scheduled for a visit. Are you worried that your office isn’t looking its best?

The cleanliness of your office space says a lot about your business. A bad first impression can hurt your business.

Commercial cleaning services ensure your workspace is consistently clean. They are typically available for emergency cleaning jobs as well. There are many advantages to hiring a professional cleaning company.

Call Ace today for a free evaluation and see for yourself: 954-756-2588.

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