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Electrostatic Disinfection Frequently Asked Questions

1)HOW DOES ELECTROSTATIC SPRAY DISINFECTION WORK? Electrostatic disinfection systems are based on the principle that oppositely charged particles attract. The system works like this: a positive charge is placed on a disinfectant liquid. The positively charged disinfectant is sprayed on to a negatively charged surface (most surfaces are negatively charged). The disinfectant clings to the surface or object, providing more complete coverage.

2)WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF ELECTROSTATIC SPRAY OVER MANUAL DISINFECTION METHODS? A) Lower costs. The disinfectant can be applied over large areas more efficiently, reducing labor costs that are associated with manual wiping methods. B) Clings to and wraps around irregularly shaped surfaces, providing more thorough disinfection of high touch points, such as doorknobs. C) Electrostatic application is a no touch system of applying disinfectants, reducing the chance of cross contamination.

3)CAN YOU SPRAY DISINFECTANTS ELECTROSTATICALLY WITHOUT PRE-CLEANING THE SURFACE? Disinfectants do not work in the presence of soil and dirt. If you read the product label, all surfaces must be clean prior to applying a disinfectant (regardless of whether the disinfectant is applied electrostatically or manually). Beware of companies trying to sell spray disinfection services that do not include pre-cleaning of surfaces.

4) WHAT TYPE OF COMPANY CAN PROVIDE ELECTROSTATIC DISINFECTION SERVICES? Many types of companies are providing electrostatic spray services. There is an advantage to hiring a janitorial company for disinfection services. As mentioned, all surfaces must be clean prior to application of a disinfectant. Using a janitorial company (whose business is cleaning AND disinfection) ensures that surfaces are pre-cleaned properly prior to application of the disinfectant

5) WHAT TYPE OF TRAINING IS REQUIRED TO APPLY DISINFECTANTS ELECTROSTATICALLY? You can’t just pick up an electrostatic unit and apply disinfectants without prior training. Disinfectant chemicals can be dangerous when used improperly. Employees that are not trained in cleaning and disinfection can bring harm to themselves and others. Training and certification courses are available to ensure the safe and effective use of electrostatic disinfection.

6) CAN I REDUCE MY COSTS FOR ELECTROSTATIC DISINFECTION BY HIRING MY OWN JANITORIAL COMPANY TO PROVIDE THE SERVICE? You can lower your disinfection costs if you contract with a janitorial company that provides electrostatic disinfection services. Janitorial companies can provide the service at a lower cost because they are already servicing your facility. Many janitorial companies will offer discounts for electrostatic disinfection services to their current clients.

7) DOES A CERTIFICATION EXIST FOR APPLICATION OF DISINFECTANTS ELECTROSTATICALLY? Certifications in electrostatic disinfection do exist. Ace has been certified in electrostatic disinfectant applications.

8)CAN EPA APPROVED DISINFECTANTS FOR USE AGAINST CORONAVIRUS BE APPLIED ELECTROSTATICALLY? Many of the EPA approved disinfectants on List N can be applied with an electrostatic spray system. Ace uses EPA approved disinfectants in all electrostatic disinfection processes.

9)WHAT IS THE COST OF ELECTROSTATIC DISINFECTION? The cost of electrostatic disinfection is based on square footage and the amount of surfaces, e.g. high touch points, which require disinfection. As a result, it is difficult to provide a quote without evaluating your facility.

10)DO YOU OFFER FREE ESTIMATES ON ELECTROSTATIC DISINFECTION SERVICES? Yes, we provide a free consult and can help you develop a disinfection plan that is CDC compliant.

11)IS ELECTROSTATIC DISINFECTION SAFE? We use a safe, non- toxic, plant based disinfectant that does not require rinsing after its applied.

12)HOW LONG DOES ELECTROSTATIC DISINFECTION LAST? Disinfection processes kill germs that are present on surfaces at the time the disinfectant is applied. There are no currently approved disinfectants that provide extended protection, whether they are applied electrostatically or not.

13)WHEN CAN I RE-OPEN MY FACILITY AFTER THE SPRAY DISINFECTION HAS BEEN COMPLETED? Most of the time the facility can be re-opened a few hours after an electrostatic treatment depending on the type of disinfectant that is used (Ace uses a non-toxic disinfectant that requires very little downtime after its applied).

14)WHAT IS YOUR RESPONSE TIME IF SOMEONE TESTS POSITIVE FOR COVID-19 IN OUR FACILITY? You can contact us immediately using our customer service app if someone tests positive or you have a confirmed case of coronavirus in your facility. We have a team of disinfection specialists that are ready to respond if and when the need arises.

For more information on commercial electrostatic disinfection and other cleaning methods available to help keep your employees and customers safe please visit:

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