Clean Floors Can Help Stop the Spread of Covid-19

We’ve been advised to clean and disinfect the high touch points in our homes and offices to stop the spread of the coronavirus. But, one surface that hasn’t received much attention is our floors. And, you might ask, how can we catch a virus from our floors?

At a recent symposium, leading authorities from the cleaning research institute provided some ways in which this can happen (references for the studies are given at the end of this post):

  • When a carrier of the coronavirus coughs or sneezes, the contaminated respiratory droplets fall to the floor;

  • Contaminated droplets that fall to the floor get re-suspended back into the air (which can then be breathed in) in the following ways:

  1. When carpets are vacuumed, the dust particles containing the virus are re-suspended into the air by the vacuum itself (when it doesn’t have a HEPA filter), or;

  2. when someone simply walks on carpeting that contains the virus because it wasn’t vacuumed adequately;

  3. When hard floors aren’t cleaned properly, the virus is pushed back into the air when someone walks on the floor that still has the virus on it.

Susceptible persons can breathe in the virus when the contaminated droplets are re-suspended back into the air (you won’t be able to see the droplets, but you can still breathe them in).