Clean Floors Can Help Stop the Spread of Covid-19

We’ve been advised to clean and disinfect the high touch points in our homes and offices to stop the spread of the coronavirus. But, one surface that hasn’t received much attention is our floors. And, you might ask, how can we catch a virus from our floors?

At a recent symposium, leading authorities from the cleaning research institute provided some ways in which this can happen (references for the studies are given at the end of this post):

  • When a carrier of the coronavirus coughs or sneezes, the contaminated respiratory droplets fall to the floor;

  • Contaminated droplets that fall to the floor get re-suspended back into the air (which can then be breathed in) in the following ways:

  1. When carpets are vacuumed, the dust particles containing the virus are re-suspended into the air by the vacuum itself (when it doesn’t have a HEPA filter), or;

  2. when someone simply walks on carpeting that contains the virus because it wasn’t vacuumed adequately;

  3. When hard floors aren’t cleaned properly, the virus is pushed back into the air when someone walks on the floor that still has the virus on it.

Susceptible persons can breathe in the virus when the contaminated droplets are re-suspended back into the air (you won’t be able to see the droplets, but you can still breathe them in).

Prevent the Spread of the Virus By Using Better Floor Cleaning Systems:

We know that the coronavirus can live on hard and soft surfaces for varying amounts of time. That’s why it’s critical to remove the virus from all types of flooring (e.g. carpets, tile, VCT, etc).

So, how do we know if we’re removing the virus from our floors and the virus is not being re-suspended back into the air? Using the proper vacuum and floor mopping system can make a big difference.

Vacuums with HEPA Filters:

So, how do we know if we’re removing the virus from our floors and the virus is not being re-suspended back into the air? Using the proper vacuum and floor mopping system can make a big difference.

HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air. Vacuums with HEPA filters can capture small particles that are present in our carpets and floors without re-suspending them back into the air. While they can’t capture every single virus that is present, they can remove most of the dust particles that carry the virus. So, make sure your cleaning company is using vacuums with HEPA filters. Look up the model and make of the vacuum in your janitor’s closet online to make sure.

Microfiber Flat Mops vs. String Mops for Hard Floor Cleaning:

Now you can see why it’s critical to effectively remove the contaminants that are present on the floors in your offices and homes. String mops and buckets have been discontinued in many hospitals because they spread dirt and germs around instead of removing them (studies have proven this). Instead, many hospitals are now using hygienically sound, bucketless, flat mop systems, which remove germs more effectively.

Ace Cleaning Systems uses HEPA vacuums and hygienic flat mops in most of the accounts we service. Hard floors with deep grout lines or environments with grease may not be conducive for microfiber flat mopping and may require the use of other floor cleaning systems. Call Ace today or contact us for a consultation to evaluate your current cleaning and disinfection protocols and to ensure the health and safety of your employees and customers going forward.


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