How To Measure Cleanliness In The Workplace

Businesses that are re-opening will need a cleaning and infection control plan to keep their employees and customers safe. The way your facility was cleaned in the past may or may not be adequate to provide a healthy workplace in light of the current environment. So, how can you tell if your cleaning service can provide the level of cleaning and disinfection you need now? ATP Testing Can Reveal the Answer. Commercial cleaning companies can provide surface tests for bio contaminants as part of a quality control plan for their janitorial customers.

Surfaces May Look Clean And Still Contain Germs:

In the past, cleaning companies were judged mainly by the appearance of the facility they cleaned. When you came into the office on Monday and everything looked clean, you were happy. Unfortunately, in light of today’s pandemic, that isn’t enough.

The reason for this is pretty simple: germs are invisible and you can’t tell if a surface has been cleaned and disinfected properly just by looking at it. And, through extensive testing, leading authorities have found that surfaces can look clean, but still contain large amounts of germs.

ATP Meters Are an Effective Way to Measure Cleanliness:

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) tests detect the presence of organic material on surfaces. These tests offer a way of objectively evaluating how clean a surface is. Hospitals have used ATP testing for almost thirty years to confirm cleanliness levels in OR’s and other critical care areas. ATP testing can quantify surface cleanliness and validate the processes and chemicals that are being used to clean and disinfect a facility.

With the recent outbreak of Covid 19, janitorial companies can provide their customers with a scientific approach to quality control. By quantifying the level of cleanliness in your facility, ATP tests can keep your customers and staff safe. ATP tests are portable and provide rapid results. They can tell you instantly whether or not your facility has been cleaned adequately.