Develop A Cleaning & Disinfection Plan For Your Company

The state of Florida and the CDC have released cleaning and disinfection guidelines for businesses to help prevent the spread of covid-19 as they re-open. The guidelines stress the importance of frequent cleaning and the need to disinfect high touch points and other surfaces on a regular basis.

The CDC’s guidance includes the need to develop a cleaning and disinfection plan for your commercial facility. The plan should also include how you will clean and disinfect your facility if someone tests positive for coronavirus.

Here is a direct reference from the CDC about the need for a cleaning and disinfection plan:

Cleaning and disinfecting public spaces including your workplace, school, home, and business will require you to:

  • Develop your plan

  • Implement your plan

  • Maintain and revise your plan

You can read the entire CDC guideline here:

Ace Provides Janitorial Cleaning and Enhanced Disinfection Services:

In the past many businesses hired janitorial companies to provide cleaning services primarily for appearance. While thorough cleaning is still essential, the new CDC guidelines specifically state the need for enhanced disinfection services.