2 Best Vacuums For Cleaning Businesses

As a cleaning business owner, you know how important floors are in maintaining a clean workplace for your clients. The appearance of a company’s carpet and floors can have lasting impressions for a company’s reputation. Having the right vacuums for cleaning commercial carpet and flooring will keep your customers happy and at the same time make your job easier. Commercial cleaning companies should know the pros and cons of backpack and upright vacuums, the differences between the two and being able to choose which vacuum is right for their commercial cleaning business.

2 Must Have Vacuums For Commercial Cleaning

Backpack Vacuums

Backpack vacuums have not been around as long as upright vacuums, but have become the vacuum of choice for most commercial cleaning companies since they were invented in 1987. Known for their ergonomic designs and speed, they are much faster at cleaning commercial carpets than a traditional upright vacuum. In fact, according to a time and motion study by the American Institute For Cleaning Sciences, back pack vacuums have the ability to clean twice the square footage an hour than an upright vacuum. A commercial backpack vacuum ultimately saves cleaning companies time on labor and can pass these savings to their customers. But, is this the best vacuum for the health and appearance of floors in commercial facilities? Let’s take a deeper look at how well they clean or read 5 reasons why commercial cleaners use backpack vacuums.

Backpack vacuums used for commercial cleaning have two goals: Efficiency and Results. Most backpack vacuums available on the market are fitted with HEPA filters which can help improve indoor air quality. Mosquito’s backpack vacuum comes with different attachments that can clean everything from upholstery to vents. This will allow your company to remove dust, not just from floors, but many hard-to-reach areas once considered not accessible with a vacuum cleaner. In fact, many companies are no