The Best And Worst Mops For Commercial Cleaning

Studies Reveal the Health Hazards of String Mops:

The string mop and bucket system was patented in 1893 and is still the most widely used method for mopping floors today. Despite several studies that have demonstrated the health hazards associated with the use of string mops, they continue to be used by many commercial cleaning companies.

A 1971 study revealed that string mops were responsible for spreading around massive amounts of bacteria in a hospital setting. Other hospital-based studies have revealed similar findings, prompting the EPA and CDC to issue guidelines recommending the use of alternative mopping systems to prevent cross contamination (i.e. spreading germs).

Despite the availability of superior mopping systems, many cleaning services still use the outdated string mop and bucket system, creating health hazards in homes, schools, office buildings, medical offices and other types of commercial buildings.

How String Mops Spread Dirt and Germs Around:

String mop and bucket systems spread dirt and germs around because of several design flaws in the system.

Here are a few ways that this happens:

  1. The cleaning solution and mop heads become contaminated quickly;

  2. The contaminated solution gets re-applied to the floor, spreading dirt and germs around;

  3. If the mop head and or solution isn’t changed frequently, the germs and dirt will continue to be spread from one area to another;

  4. This results in a buildup of film containing germs and soil.