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How To Convince Management To Hire A Professional Cleaning Company.

Do you walk into a dirty office everyday?

Do you feel that the cleaning company isn’t doing their job? Do you ever wonder why the owner doesn’t fire the cleaning company and hire another? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions you’re not alone. As an owner, manager or office worker you shouldn’t have to put up with a janitorial service that isn’t doing a good job.

So, why do you think the owner hasn’t changed cleaning companies? There are many reasons why the cleaning service hasn’t been fired. Identifying those reasons is the first step you must take before you start the search for a new company. Here are some steps you can take to get the ball rolling and bring in a cleaning service that will get better results.

7 Reasons Why Your Cleaning Company Hasn’t Been Replaced:

There are many reasons why your cleaning company hasn’t been fired even though they aren’t getting the job done. Some of these include:

  1. Your boss hired a friend or family member of someone who works in the office and they feel obligated to keep them on.

  2. The same people who clean your office also clean someone’s home. This arrangement rarely works.

  3. There are people in the office who really like the cleaning crew personally and don’t want them fired, even though they’re doing a poor job;

  4. The owner and or manager feels they would have to spend more money if they hired another company, so they don’t get quotes from other companies;

  5. There’s no guarantee that the next company will be any better so why go through the hassle of changing companies; (read will the best janitorial service please stand up);

  6. It’s an inconvenience to bring in a new company, because you might have to change keys, alarm codes, etc. (read why changing companies is easier than you think);

  7. I can get someone in the office to clean after hours. I don’t really need a professional cleaning service. (read about the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company).

If there is a personal connection that someone has with the cleaners in your office it might be difficult to get the owner to consider hiring a different company. However, by letting the owner know that the majority of the staff are unhappy with the cleaning company, it might be enough to consider trying to find another company.

If you offer to do some research to help find another company your request to change companies might be better received. If it’s a price issue, you won’t know if you’ll have to pay more before you get some quotes (if you haven’t had a quote in 3 years you may be surprised to find out that cleaning prices have actually come down in many cases. Read this to find out more). When all else fails your boss might be motivated if he learns that the company isn’t following OSHA regulations (see below for more information) and could be putting the company and its employees at risk.

Don’t leave it up to the owner or manager to find another cleaning company. Here’s how you can help them do it.

  1. Spend a few minutes researching commercial cleaning companies online.

  2. Perform a search using the terms commercial cleaning services or janitorial services (read how to find a commercial cleaning company near me);

  3. Compile a list of 5 or 6 highly rated companies by reading their reviews on sites like google;

  4. Pre-screen the companies by using the list of questions provided below before asking them to provide a quote.

You can pre-Screen cleaning companies by asking these simple questions:

5 minutes on the phone with a company can save you hours of time later.

You can tell if you are hiring a high quality, professional cleaning company by the answers to the following questions. Some of these questions are related to government regulations and others to the type of equipment and quality control systems a company uses. You can ask these questions to prescreen any companies you are interested in hiring before you have them come out to your facility to provide a quote (which can save you countless hours).

  1. Are you licensed, insured and bonded and do you use employees who are authorized to work in the United States? This is for your protection.

  2. Are you privately owned and operated or are you a franchise or subcontracting company? Privately owned companies use their own employees to perform the work and have more control over them. (Read about how to choose a cleaning company).

  3. Will you follow all OSHA, CDC and EPA guidelines concerning cleaning and worker safety? Ask them if they’ll put that in writing in their contract;

  4. Do they label all the cleaning bottles they use? (OSHA regulation).

  5. Do they use microfiber towels and do they have a laundry system in place to clean soiled towels? (CDC and EPA recommendation).

  6. Do they use vacuums with HEPA filters to remove as much dirt and allergens as possible? (Recommended by the American Association for Allergens, etc).

  7. Do they have a system for communicating with their customers that makes it easy to contact them for service requests? Many companies say that you can call them 24/7 but don’t return calls or emails in a timely manner (read about this software program that makes communication easy);

  8. How and when do they inspect their employee’s work?

  9. If you only had one question to ask that could reveal whether or not the cleaning company can get better results than your current company:

  10. Do you use string mops to clean floors? If they answer yes to this question it should raise a red flag. String mops are an antiquated method of cleaning floors that spread dirt and germs around (read this). When cleaning companies use string mops, they often use other outdated equipment and materials as well. This is the most reliable sign that the cleaning company is not up to date on modern cleaning practices. When employees aren’t equipped properly they cant provide a quality cleaning service.

So, if you are frustrated by the job that your cleaning company is doing in your office, it might be time to help the owner of your company find a better cleaning service. If you take the steps mentioned in this article, you’ll be on your way to finding the best janitorial service in the area and impress your boss at the same time!!

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