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Use Mobile Technology to Improve your Commercial Cleaning Service!

Our App Saves Time and Money, Improves Quality

Need to contact your cleaning company quickly, but don’t have the time? Spilled some coffee and need your carpet cleaned? Did the cleaning crew miss something that should be brought to their attention? Many of these issues can be handled instantly using our new software app without calling or emailing us. This breakthrough technology is simple to use, saves our customers time and money and ensures that they get the service they need, when they need it.

How Our Cleaning Service App Saves You (or your office manager) Time:

When you need to communicate with your cleaning company, you shouldn’t have to waste time trying to contact them. Leaving messages, writing emails, waiting for callbacks wastes valuable time. With our new mobile phone app, you can instantly contact us and never have to think about the problem again. Your cleaning crew and account supervisor are simultaneously notified of the service request, ensuring that the problem is handled in a timely fashion.

Most of our customers delegate the task of overseeing the cleaning company to an office manager or other employee. The manager (or employee) is tasked with contacting the cleaning company whenever a problem or service request comes up. This can be a time consuming process and most likely isn’t at the top of a manager or employee’s to do list (as a business owner I’m sure there are other tasks that should receive priority). With our software system, the time spent overseeing your cleaning company will be significantly reduced, thereby allowing your employees to focus on more productive tasks for the company.

Why our App Improves Quality:

When you want to communicate a service request to our cleaning crew, you can text them directly about the problem or take a photo of the area in question. By doing so, our cleaning crew will receive an alert about the request when they enter your facility. Your message or photo is also sent to an account supervisor, who will check to make sure that the cleaning staff has resolved the problem. This system gives us a way to inspect and oversee our staff’s work to ensure the highest quality results.

How our App Saves you Money:

The old adage that time is money still rings true. By reducing the time you spend managing, calling or overseeing your janitorial company, you save time. And, by reducing the time we spend managing our own employees, we save money and can transfer those cost savings on to you.

So, its worth your time to see our new software in action. Stop spending so much time and money managing your cleaning company! Request a Free Demo Today!


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