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Auto Mops: The Latest Craze in Commercial Cleaning

Floor Cleaning Technology by Kaivac Improves Results and Lowers Janitorial Costs

The good old fashion string mop is about to become a thing of the past in many facilities across America. Gone will be the days when you see janitors pushing string mops down long hallways or across the floors of car showrooms. Automation is transforming our lives in many ways. And, with the invention of auto mops, the cleaning industry is no different.

Auto mops are a long overdue invention that has hit the janitorial industry by storm. Over the last few years, Ace has successfully implemented Kaivac's auto-mopping systems in many businesses throughout Broward and Palm Beach County. The auto mops are ideally suited for facilities with large open spaces and or long hallways, such as car dealerships, grocery stores, day care centers, restaurants and office buildings. Auto mops are finding their way into more and more businesses, as the machines get the job done faster and better than manual methods of cleaning.

Zach Shor, the President of Ace Cleaning Systems had this to say about the new cleaning technology: “Auto mops are replacing manual floor cleaning systems, such as string mops and buckets, which leave more dirt behind than they remove. Our commercial floor cleaning system suctions away dirt and germs as the floor is being mopped, leaving floors cleaner and healthier than other systems. The system is also being used to clean restrooms in restaurants, day care centers, medical facilities and corporate offices, where preventing the spread of germs is paramount."

Auto mops not only remove dirt more effectively, but they are three times faster than string mops, reducing labor costs. The good news is that businesses in South Florida can receive the benefits of this technology and often lower their commercial cleaning costs at the same time. Auto-mops are a win-win for the businesses we serve and for Ace.

Ace utilizes many types of modern cleaning systems that deliver high quality, cost effective janitorial services for local businesses in South Florida.


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