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Microfiber Flat Mops Keep Floors Cleaner and Healthier

Have you ever wondered why the tile floors in your office or restrooms have lost their shine? Maybe your floors have aged and lost their luster. Or, more commonly, it’s just the way they’re being mopped.

Many janitorial companies use a conventional string mop and bucket system to clean floors. However, experience (and studies) have shown that this system is inherently flawed.

That’s because string mops leave a film of dirt behind every time they’re used. And, over the years this film builds up and becomes increasingly difficult to remove. So, every time a string mop is pushed across your floors, they’re actually getting dirtier!

Well, the good news is that string mops can be replaced with an inexpensive, microfiber flat mop system that is 4 times as effective in removing dirt and germs. In fact, the EPA and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals (JCAHO), recommend replacing string mops with the newer microfiber flat mop system whenever possible.

The EPA and JCAHO consider the microfiber flat mop system as a best practice in environmental cleaning in the hospital setting. That’s because the health and safety of patients and hospital staff are paramount. And, they’ve seen the results of studies supporting the superiority of microfiber flat mop systems over traditional string mops.

There is incontrovertible evidence that microfiber flat mops outperform. Here are some of the reasons why:

10 reasons not to use string mops (most cited by EPA):

  1. labor intensive, increasing janitorial costs

  2. cleaning solutions become contaminated quickly

  3. difficult to sanitize and clean mop heads and bucket

  4. spreads dirt around because of poor absorption

  5. film builds up on floors that is difficult to remove

  6. encourages cross contamination (spread of germs)

  7. uses large amounts of chemicals and water

  8. large, heavy mop increases worker fatigue and injuries

  9. leaves floors wet longer

  10. splash from mops results in dirty baseboards

10 reasons Microfiber flat mops are the better choice:

  1. reduces cleaning times, lowers janitorial costs

  2. light and ergonomic, reducing fatigue and injuries

  3. absorbs dirt better- leaves no film

  4. significantly reduces chemical and water use

  5. continuous stream of fresh cleaning solution applied to floor

  6. pads changed often to prevent cross contamination

  7. pads easy to launder and sanitize

  8. avoids splash keeping baseboards cleaner

  9. microfibers reach into surface pores, providing a deeper clean

  10. removes 99% of germs on surfaces, compared to 30% for string mops

The evidence is there. Microfiber flat mops outperform string mops handily. So, if your cleaning company isn’t using them, they’re just not keeping up with the times or familiar with the latest research. Anyway, isn’t it time you checked your janitor’s closet to see what equipment and supplies your cleaning company is using? Read more about what should be used to clean your office.

Call Ace today for an evaluation of your commercial cleaning needs. Demo the Ace difference and see for yourself why we clean better. Call: 954-756-2588 or Contact Us.

For more information from the EPA and JCAHO on the use of microfiber flat mops read here:

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