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How to Find the Best Commercial Cleaning Company Near Me.

6 Time Saving Tips for Searching on Google

There are many ways to search for commercial cleaning companies online. You can look at google’s ads results (top of page), the company’s google page, local Google maps results or you can scroll down to the organic listings below. In all cases you should find links to the company’s website to do further research. The tips provided below should help reduce the amount of time spent researching cleaning companies and should put you in touch with only the best commercial cleaning companies in your area!

If you want to find out more about a particular company you have been researching:

1. Enter the name of the company in Google’s search box.

2. Look at the company’s Google business page (see figure 1) to read their online reviews, look at photos of their work and visit their website.

If you want to develop a list of the best commercial cleaning services in your area you can do the following: Type the following in Google’s search box: commercial cleaning service near me

Tip 1: Run Your first search without using the city name. You don’t have to type in your city because Google knows where you are searching from and will automatically list cleaning companies in your area (see tip 3 for more information on this or read more about how to choose a cleaning company).

Tip 2: The search phrase should include the word: JANITORIAL. If you search for“cleaning service” Google can’t tell what type of cleaning service you are looking for and may list companies that only do residential cleaning. This will take you longer to sort through the list to find a commercial cleaning company.

Tip 3: The fastest way to search for commercial cleaning companies is to type the phrase: "Best Janitorial Service". If you use any other terms, such as cleaning service or commercial cleaning, you may get a list of “house cleaners” near you. If "house cleaners" shows up on the top of the page in your search results, scroll down the page to find a list of commercial cleaning and janitorial service companies.

Tip 4: Run additional searches to find the best janitorial companies in other cities in your area. The best janitorial companies may be located in nearby cities. Run additional searches with the names of other cities. Example: Janitorial Service Fort Lauderdale, Janitorial Service, Pompano Beach, Janitorial Service, Boca Raton, etc. Do this for as many cities until you develop a list of the top janitorial companies in your area.

Tip 5: Look in Google Maps section for your search results and use Google's filter to find the highest rated companies(see figure 2). Select the highest rating, 4.5 stars or more in the drop down menu to get a list of the highest rated companies (i.e. companies receiving the best review ratings by their customers).Read the reviews of these companies and check out their websites to determine if the company is a good match for you.

Figure 2: Google Maps displaying highly rated commercial cleaning companies

Tip 6: Refer to the map on the company’s Google page to see if the company services your area. Most commercial cleaning companies service more than one city. In the example shown in figure 1, the red circle on Ace Cleaning Systems’ Google page indicates that the company services most of Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

Tip 7: Look at companies that are listed in the organic search results for additional companies when necessary (see Figure 4). Google often displays leading janitorial companies on the first and second pages of the organic search results.

If you search for best janitorial company near me the organic results are displayed below the Google maps section. See figure 3.

Figure 3: Organic Search Results Example:

We hope these tips will help you find your next Commercial Cleaning Company. For more information on Commercial Janitorial Services please visit:

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