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Why You Can’t Blame the Janitor for Poor Commercial Cleaning Results:

The cleaning company is responsible.

Custodial work may not be a glamorous profession. Many people are under the impression that little or no training is required to clean effectively. If you give someone a mop, they should be able to do a good job with it, right?

Unfortunately, this mindset has led to many misconceptions about janitorial workers. When our commercial cleaning service isn’t giving us the results we want, we usually blame the janitor. But, many times it’s not their fault.

There are many reasons why your cleaning company’s staff may not be performing well. It could be due to the work ethic of the individuals on the job. Or, the cleaning company hasn’t raised the janitor’s salary in years. But, often times, the cleaning staff just hasn’t been trained and equipped properly.

Is your Cleaning Company using outdated equipment and supplies?

Research on cleaning and disinfection has led to significant advancements in cleaning technology in recent years. The cleaning methods and equipment that have been used in the past are no longer accepted or recommended by leading authorities in the field.

At this point you may be wondering what type of equipment your cleaning company is using. Are they relying on the methods of the past or have they modernized and trained their staff on more effective cleaning processes? Most of the time, the answer can be found by looking at the equipment and supplies in your janitor’s closet.

Many studies have shown that string mops and buckets spread dirt and germs around. In fact, string mops have been identified as a major source of cross contamination in hospital studies.

Despite these findings many companies still use the string mop and bucket system to clean floors. These systems are inexpensive and relatively easy to use. However, they are difficult to keep clean and perform poorly compared to many other floor cleaning systems that are available (see what’s in your janitor’s closet for more information).

So, if you find string mops and buckets in your janitor’s closet, it might not be the janitor’s fault. He just hasn’t been given the right equipment or training to do the job!

Why Janitor Training is Necessary:

How much does a janitor have to know before he can clean effectively? The simple answer is: Janitors need training because there’s more to cleaning than meets the eye!

There is a science behind cleaning. You have to know what types of cleaning agents work best in different situations. Cleaning solutions must be diluted and labeled properly for their intended use. There is a right way and wrong way to mop and dust. Training and supervision is required to operate cleaning equipment properly. It’s the cleaning companies responsibility to train their crews BEFORE they are left alone on the job.

If you aren’t getting the results you want, it may not be your janitor’s fault. The cleaning company they work for may not have equipped or trained them properly. And, even if you request another cleaning crew, your results won’t improve if the company continues to use the same cleaning methods they were using before!

Ace’s Commitment to Technology and Training Keeps our Prices Down:

Our mission is to provide the best cleaning service to our clients at competitive prices. In order to achieve this goal, we equip and train our staff with the latest cleaning technology that is available. High efficiency equipment and well-trained staff reduces our labor costs, which we pass on to our customers.

Why our Average Hourly Janitorial Wages are Higher, but our Prices aren’t:

Janitorial workers are no different than anyone else in the workplace. Periodic raises are necessary to meet increases in the cost of living. When workers aren’t recognized for their performance by a wage increase, you’ll get less than optimal results.

Cleaning companies who pay janitorial workers minimum wage and no more can’t retain their employees. When these companies bring in a different crew (which they have to do frequently), but pay them the same, the business owner won’t get better results.

How Ace’s low employee turnover keeps our quality up and your prices down:

Every business owner or manager knows there is an expense involved in hiring and training new employees for a job. When employee turnover is high, costs skyrocket and quality diminishes. New employees tend to make more mistakes and can’t complete tasks as quickly.

By providing periodic pay increases based on performance, Ace maintains a very low employee turnover rate. Our employees stay on the job longer, tend to make fewer mistakes and complete their tasks more efficiently. This allows us to keep our quality up and your prices down.

So, if you haven’t been getting the results you want from your cleaning service it might not be the janitor’s fault. Call us today to see why changing cleaning companies may be the only way to get better results.

Call Ace today for a free evaluation at 954-756-2588 or Email Us

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