Why Your Janitorial Service Should Be Using Supervisors

You’ve hired a cleaning company to take care of all your janitorial needs. In the beginning, the cleaning service did a great job. But, lately you’ve noticed a decline in the quality of their work. The cleaning crew’s the same, but their work isn’t. So, what’s changed? It may be due to a lack of adequate supervision.

Some people have a strong work ethic and don’t require supervision. But, that’s not always the case. Cleaning is a highly detailed activity. On a given day, the cleaning crew can miss or forget a certain task. That can’t be prevented. But, the crew should be held accountable for their work.

The best way to do that is by periodic inspections and adequate supervision. A supervisor or account manager should be assigned to your janitorial account. The supervisor must be easy to reach if you have any questions or concerns about the service you are receiving. Some cleaning companies provide communication software for this purpose (read about Ace’s customer service software).

How Often Should a Cleaning Supervisor Inspect?

There really isn’t a single answer to this question. Some large buildings and offices require daily inspections, but many smaller facilities can be managed with weekly or even monthly inspections. Nonetheless, they all require supervision.

Have you Seen a Janitorial Supervisor, Manager or Owner Lately?

When a cleaning crew starts a new job, a supervisor or manager is often present to set up the account. The supervisor typically brings the equipment and supplies that are needed to clean the facility. During that visit the staff are given a cleaning schedule to follow. For many cleaning companies, that’s where supervision starts and ends.