Tips On How To Prevent The Cold And Flu In The Workplace

How Do You Catch The Flu?

  1. Direct contact- Someone who has the flu can spread the illness by sneezing or coughing;

  2. Indirect contact- by touching a surface that is contaminated with the flu virus and then touching your nose or mouth;

  3. Flu viruses can survive for hours or days on inanimate surfaces.

Flu Prevention Tips:

  1. Stay home from work if you have the flu to prevent its spread;

  2. Frequent and thorough hand washing is a good defense (see the World Health Organizations guidelines for hand washing guidelines);

  3. Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, toilet handles, and light switches frequently;

  4. Make sure the cleaning service you’re using is following best practices for cleaning and disinfection (germs can be spread by cleaning improperly);

It Is Best To Follow Commercial Cleaning And Best Disinfection Practices

  1. Surface must be thoroughly cleaned prior to applying a disinfectant (most germs can be removed by thorough cleaning).**

  2. Use EPA registered, hospital grade disinfectants with appropriate kill claims (should be effective against targeted viruses or germs).

  3. Allow sufficient dwell time for the disinfectant to work (see label for recommended dwell times).