How To Use Bleach Safely While Cleaning Preschools

Are You Using Bleach Properly? Its Easy to Know.

Many concerns have been raised in recent years over the routine use of household bleach as a sanitizer and disinfectant in early childhood centers. Bleach can be a safe and effective method of reducing or eliminating germs in pre-schools when diluted and used properly. Pre-school staff and cleaning crews should be familiar with the guidelines set forth by health regulatory agencies such as the CDC and EPA concerning the proper methods to dilute and use bleach.

What is Bleach? Household bleach is a chemical solution that contains sodium hypochlorite (a.k.a chlorine), the active ingredient that kills germs. Bleach continues to be the disinfectant of choice for many health care and educational facilities.

Before 2013 most household bleach products contained 5.25% sodium hypochlorite. After 2013 many companies have increased the concentration to 8.25% sodium hypochlorite.

Tip 1: Always check the bleach concentration on your bottle before diluting.

Use Bleach Products that are registered with the EPA:

In order to be used as a disinfectant or sanitizing agent, the bleach product must be registered with the EPA. Look on the bottle for the EPA registration number to see if the product you are using has been registered with the EPA.

Tip 2