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Why You Should Hire A Local Janitorial Company

You’ve made up your mind to change your commercial cleaning service and have started searching for a janitorial company near you. Maybe you’ve pulled out a direct mail piece you received from a cleaning company in the past. Or, you received a “cold call” from a company trying to set up an appointment for a cleaning quote.

Do you know if the cleaning company is a local janitorial company, a sales and marketing company that uses subcontractors, or a lead generation service? If you’re not sure, you should read on to find out how the type of company you hire can greatly impact the quality of service you receive.

Find Out The Name Of The Company Providing The Janitorial Service:

This may sound unimportant at first. But, there are sales and marketing companies selling janitorial services that don’t provide the service themselves. In fact, you’ve probably been contacted by some of them already and may not know it. Have you ever received a cold call from a company trying to set an appointment for a cleaning quote? If you have, it was probably a lead generation service or sales and marketing firm that uses subcontractors to provide the service.

Questions To Ask Before A Cleaning Company Bids On your Job:

1)Do you provide the cleaning service yourself?

2)Are you a local cleaning company?

3)Do you subcontract out the work to a different company?

4)What’s the name of the company that will be providing the service?

Why Sales and Marketing Companies Are Getting Into The Janitorial Business:

The janitorial industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and has attracted sales and marketing companies who want a piece of the pie. This has become a widespread practice because small janitorial companies often don’t have the resources to set up an in house sales and marketing program. Sales and marketing companies send out salesman to quote the job and then hire a subcontractor to perform the work.

What Company Does The Salesman Work For Who Quoted Your Job?

When a salesman comes out to provide a janitorial quote you should ask which company he works for. If the company uses subcontractors then the quote you receive is not from the janitorial company providing the service. If you decide to hire the company, you won’t be contracting directly with the janitorial company. In fact, you won’t get to meet the janitorial company and crew until the job has started.

Local Cleaning Companies Can Be Found On Google Maps:

Find out if the company is local by searching on Google maps. Enter the name of the company and the city in which the company is located. Example: Ace Cleaning Systems, Coral Springs, Florida:

As you can see, this company shows up in Google maps. If you can’t find the company on Google maps, they probably aren’t a local janitorial company and trying to research the company could prove difficult.

Use This Link To Research Local Companies In Your Area:

Type in the name and city where the company is located in the search bar.

Read The Janitorial Company’s Google Reviews:

If you hire a company who uses subcontractors, you won’t have a chance to evaluate the reputation of the company before the job has started (unless you know the name of the company beforehand). In contrast, local janitorial companies have Google business pages that are easily accessed.

If you can’t find a local Google business listing or any customer reviews, chances are you’re dealing with a sales and marketing or lead generation company and not a local janitorial service.

Customer Service: Local Cleaning Companies Can Be More Responsive:

There are various reasons your cleaning company isn’t providing the level of customer service you need. If you hired a company that uses subcontractors, it may be difficult to contact the cleaning company directly.

Customer service is often provided by a central office, which then contacts the subcontractor about any service related issues. This places an additional layer between you and the cleaning company, which can cause problems with communication and response times.

Local cleaning companies don’t have additional administrative layers. Service requests are handled in a timely fashion and the customer has direct access to cleaning crews and


Local Cleaning Companies Can Provide More Cleaning Hours, Better Results:

Sales and marketing companies that sell janitorial services set the price on the job before they subcontract out the work to a cleaning company. Their goal is to sell the job and earn a commission. They often underestimate the time required to perform the work to win the contract and keep the price down.

Sales and marketing companies have a list of janitorial subcontractors they use. Once they close the contract, they pick out a company from their list who will accept the job at the quoted price less their sales commission (which can be up to 50% of the quoted price).

They tell the subcontractor that the job has been budgeted for X amount of hours. Once the job has started, the subcontractor often finds that the number of cleaning hours isn’t sufficient to get the job done properly. The subcontractor is forced to complete the job in less time, leading to poor results.

Compare Quotes By Comparing Cleaning Hours:

The easiest way to compare cleaning quotes is to ask how many hours of cleaning the company will be providing during each service. When a subcontractor is used, 50 cents of every janitorial dollar you spend goes towards commissions, forcing the company to spend less time cleaning.

Advantages Of Local Cleaning Companies:

Local cleaning companies can use standard cleaning practices because they control the type of equipment and supplies they use. They hire, train and supervise their own employees, improving quality control. They don’t pay high commissions and can spend more time cleaning. All this leads to predictable, high quality results and better customer service.

Local Janitorial Companies Deliver On Price And Quality:

Ace is an independently owned, local janitorial company with an extremely low turnover ratio. That’s because we hire and train our own employees and monitor their work directly. We don’t pay high commissions and fees associated with subcontracting and franchising. All of your janitorial dollars go towards cleaning.

So, before hiring your next cleaning company, make sure you know the type of company you are hiring. A local, independently owned cleaning company like Ace, can deliver a competitively priced, high quality cleaning service. Contact us today for a free quote and get better results now!


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