Why You Should Hire A Local Janitorial Company

You’ve made up your mind to change your commercial cleaning service and have started searching for a janitorial company near you. Maybe you’ve pulled out a direct mail piece you received from a cleaning company in the past. Or, you received a “cold call” from a company trying to set up an appointment for a cleaning quote.

Do you know if the cleaning company is a local janitorial company, a sales and marketing company that uses subcontractors, or a lead generation service? If you’re not sure, you should read on to find out how the type of company you hire can greatly impact the quality of service you receive.

Find Out The Name Of The Company Providing The Janitorial Service:

This may sound unimportant at first. But, there are sales and marketing companies selling janitorial services that don’t provide the service themselves. In fact, you’ve probably been contacted by some of them already and may not know it. Have you ever received a cold call from a company trying to set an appointment for a cleaning quote? If you have, it was probably a lead generation service or sales and marketing firm that uses subcontractors to provide the service.

Questions To Ask Before A Cleaning Company Bids On your Job:

1)Do you provide the cleaning service yourself?

2)Are you a local cleaning company?

3)Do you subcontract out the work to a different company?

4)What’s the name of the company that will be providing the service?

Why Sales and Marketing Companies Are Getting Into The Janitorial Business:

The janitorial industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and has attracted sales and marketing companies who want a piece of the pie. This has become a widespread practice because small janitorial companies often don’t have the resources to set up an in house sales and marketing program. Sales and marketing companies send out salesman to quote the job and then hire a subc