30 Point Commercial Cleaning Checklist For A Clean Office

One of the most essential aspects to maintaining a clean office and ensuring a productive work environment is by following a commercial cleaning checklist. By implementing a cleaning schedule for when certain areas are to be cleaned and what tasks need to be performed will help keep your business looking it’s best. The following 30-point commercial cleaning checklist can be used by you or your cleaning service to create a standard of clean that fit’s your office’s particular needs.


Commercial Restrooms need to stay clean and sanitary. When bathrooms are not adequately maintained, they can become unsightly and even lead to irreparable damage. For the sake of your employees and customers health, it’s important to sanitize restroom surfaces frequently. Otherwise, restroom visits may turn into an unpleasant experience. From sinks and soap dispensers to light switches and door handles, no surface should be overlooked. When restrooms remain clean, it bodes well for a pristine and constructive work environment.

1. Empty Trash (Replace Liners)

2. Sinks, Countertops, Toilets, Urinals (Clean, Sanitize, Polish)

3. Glass, Mirrors, Chrome (Clean, Polish)

4. Dispensers: Soap, Tissue, Towels (Fill, Clean, Sanitize)

5. Partitions (Sanitize, Dust)

6. Doors, (Sanitize)

7. Door Handles, Light Switches (Sanitize)

Break Room/Kitchen Break rooms are a shared office environment, making it all the important to keep this space free of germs and clutter. To help maintain a clean break room, consider employing a commercial cleaning service to clean it regularly. In between these professional cleanings, make it a point to keep the refrigerator, countertops and appliances tidy. Many people prepare meals in the kitchen area, so be mindful of crumbs and other food items. When food is left out, it can invite unwanted critters and foul odors into your breakroom.

8. Sanitize Sinks, Countertops, Tables and Front of Cabinets

9. Damp Wipe Outsides of Large & Small Appliances

10. Clean and Sanitize Chairs

11. Clean Inside of Refrigerator

12. Clean and Sanitize Garbage Cans

Floors From dirt and dust to debris, floors can become soiled quickly. With everyone coming in from outdoors, it’s especially important to clean your floors regularly. No clean office is complete without shiny floors and clean carpets. For areas that are hard to reach, use a detail vacuum. Commercial grade backpack vacuums typically work best for this. These tools are what most commercial cleaning services use, so you can rest assured that it’s a trusted approach. For hard floors consider using a microfiber flat mop.

13. Resilient/Tile/All Hard Flooring – (Sweep, Mop)

14. Carpet (Vacuum)

15. Mats (Vacuum)

16. Detail Vacuum (Hard to Reach Areas)

Windows Many choose to ignore this portion of a commercial cleaning checklist, but clean windows are the first impression your business has to visitors. Interior office glass is notorious for collecting fingerprints and dust over time. To achieve the best look, wash both the exterior and interior of the windows. You’ll notice a major difference after, which should inspire your employees to help keep the rest of your office glass clean and free of fingerprints.

17. Interior

18. Exterior (Entrance ways only)

19. Office Glass (Spot Clean Fingerprints)

Office Areas Office areas are the most occupied sections of any business, making them a hot spot for dust and germs. When these areas are not cleaned regularly, it can diminish morale. After all, no one wants to work in an office that’s not healthy. What’s more, with so much bacteria floating about, many may become susceptible to illness and could cause your company valuable sick days. In the hopes of keeping everyone in good health, it’s crucial to keep common work areas sanitary and tidy. Drinking fountains, phones, computers and baseboards are perhaps the most neglected spots. While cleaning, pay special attention to these places.

20. Empty Trash (Replace Liners)

21. Drinking Fountains (Sanitize, Polish)

22. (All Horizontal Surfaces) Desks, Tables, File Cabinets Dust

23. High Dust (Vents, Lights, Corners, Blinds, Items on Walls)

24. Low Dust (Chair & Table Legs, Sides of Desks, Cabinets)

25. Cleared Desks, Tables (Wipe, Sanitize)

26. Light Switches, Phones, High Touch Surfaces (Sanitize)

27. Kick Plates (Polish)

28. Baseboards (Dust)

Closing Checklist For best results commercial cleaning is usually performed after business hours. With so many cleaning responsibilities to account for, it’s important to have a closing checklist. These tasks ensure that your place of business remains out of harm’s way.

29. Turn off designated lights

30. Lock Entrances, Exits

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