Will the Best Janitorial Service Please Stand Up!

In this day and age of digital advertising, many businesses are making claims that they are the best in their industry. And, it’s no different when it comes to janitorial service companies. Just look at some of the ad headlines and website titles that commercial cleaning companies are using; “The Best Janitorial Service in South Florida” or “The Leading Company in Ft. Lauderdale,” etc., etc. So as a consumer, how can you tell the difference between all these “great companies” and pick just one? That’s what you’re about to find out.

1) Look at the Janitorial Company’s Customer List:

Go to the janitorial companies website and find out what industries they serve. Many commercial cleaning companies will post a partial or complete customer list on their site. Look through the list to see if they service the type of business you have. We service most types of businesses in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

2) Ask the Commercial Cleaning Company What Makes Them Different:

Many cleaning companies say they’re different and better than the rest, but offer no real explanation as to how or why they’re different. If you’re looking for a new cleaning service, chances are you weren’t happy with the last company for more than one reason.

Maybe they were forgetting to throw out the trash, or didn’t dust thoroughly enough. Or, you just weren’t satisfied with the way your floors or restrooms were cleaned. Speak to the company about specific complaints you’ve had and ask them how they’ll get better results. The cleaning company should be able to offer concrete solutions to address the problems you’ve had.