7 Questions To Ask Your Next Cleaning Company

Do you want to know if the next cleaning company you hire is the right choice? Ask these 7 questions when comparing cleaning companies.

1) Are you a janitorial franchise? Yes____No_____

If you hire a janitorial franchise 50% of your contracted price goes towards fees and royalties (source: Federal Trade Commission) and never gets spent on cleaning. As a result, franchises tend to pay their janitorial workers less, spend less time cleaning, and use less expensive equipment, making it harder to provide a quality service.

2) Are you a locally owned, independent janitorial company? Yes____No____

Local independent janitorial companies don’t pay commissions or fees to franchises. They hire, train and monitor their own W2 employees directly, providing a higher degree of quality control. More of your janitorial dollars go towards cleaning. Read their reviews (they will be providing the


3) Is your company licensed and insured? Yes____No____

Companies should have a minimum of $100,000/$300,000 business liability insurance. The company should carry worker’s compensation and the janitorial workers should be bonded for your protection.