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7 Questions To Ask Your Next Cleaning Company

Do you want to know if the next cleaning company you hire is the right choice? Ask these 7 questions when comparing cleaning companies.

1) Are you a janitorial franchise? Yes____No_____

If you hire a janitorial franchise 50% of your contracted price goes towards fees and royalties (source: Federal Trade Commission) and never gets spent on cleaning. As a result, franchises tend to pay their janitorial workers less, spend less time cleaning, and use less expensive equipment, making it harder to provide a quality service.

2) Are you a locally owned, independent janitorial company? Yes____No____

Local independent janitorial companies don’t pay commissions or fees to franchises. They hire, train and monitor their own W2 employees directly, providing a higher degree of quality control. More of your janitorial dollars go towards cleaning. Read their reviews (they will be providing the


3) Is your company licensed and insured? Yes____No____

Companies should have a minimum of $100,000/$300,000 business liability insurance. The company should carry worker’s compensation and the janitorial workers should be bonded for your protection.

4) Do you perform background checks on your employees?Yes____No____

Many janitorial companies do not adequately screen their employees during the hiring process, which places you at increased risk. Local, independent companies hire their own W2 employees and can perform background checks, etc. on their employees.

5) Do you use communication software (e.g. an app) so we can contact your company easily when the need arises? Yes___No___

Companies should provide an easy way for their customers to contact them. Many leading janitorial companies provide customer service apps for that purpose.

6) What type of equipment and supplies will you use to clean our facility?

a)String mops: Yes___ No___

b)Microfiber flat mops: Yes____ No____

c)HEPA vacuums: Yes___ No___

d)Backpack vacuums: Yes____ No____

e)Color coded microfiber cloths: Yes___ No___

f)Ecofriendly chemicals: Yes___ No___

g)Auto Dilution Systems For Cleaning Chemicals: Yes____No___

If the cleaning company uses best cleaning practices all of the questions related to equipment and supplies should be answered yes (except for string mops).

a)String mops spread dirt and germs around and are not recommended for routine floor cleaning.

b) Microfiber flat mops have replaced string mops as the new standard in routine floor cleaning maintenance.

c)HEPA vacuums are preferred because they can pick up small particulate matter such as allergens that other vacuums can’t and can prolong your carpet’s lifespan.

d)Backpack vacuums improve efficiency and lower costs.

e)Color-coded microfiber cloth systems prevents cross contamination, i.e. the spread of germs throughout your facility.

f)Ecofriendly chemicals are non-toxic and healthier for your staff and customers.

g)Auto dilution systems guarantees that all cleaning chemicals will be properly diluted and safe to use in your facility.

7) Will you provide a cleaning schedule that lists the type and frequency of tasks to be completed during each service? Yes___No___

The company should provide a detailed list of the type and frequency of cleaning tasks to be performed to compare quotes accurately.

These 7 Questions will help you determine which commercial cleaning company is right for your business. If you would like more tips about which company you should hire please visit:


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